SCAFFGUARD: Effective protection against dust and noise on Munich’s Innenstadtring

Special projects necessitate special solutions. Latest statistics say that Munich is among the most aspiring addresses in Germany. Building land and living room is at a premium and space for new ideas a luxury, particularly at the heart of the city. At Thomas-Wimmer-Ring, near the old quarter, a multi-storey car park is therefore being replaced by a modern underground car park with space for 512 vehicles. Above the ground, the space will now be used far more efficiently with two new commercial and residential buildings and additional green areas. The project “Tom & Hilde” stands for optimum space utilisation but does necessitate some special protective measures for pedestrians as well as for the residential area already existing. The building contractor – Wöhr- und Bauer Parking – decided in favour of using temporary noise and dust protective walls to ensure corresponding protection for the surroundings during the drilling and building phase.

The scaffolding company Krämer GmbH was awarded the contract and started at the beginning of April with the assembly of the protective walls and the scaffolding solution, for which the company only had 18 days’ time left. To make sure the requirements were met, managing director Florian Krämer planned to use the new protective system SCAFFGUARD from the Hagen-based supplier scafom-rux. The “hard cover” solution SCAFFGUARD can be applied independently of scaffolding systems and stands out on account of its modular simplicity.

The basic components are horizontal aluminium rails that are then fitted with various types of panel elements. In addition, only a few other component parts are needed to find fast and simple solutions to most challenges presented. The effective dust and noise protection features of the system have already proven themselves many times over in demolition jobs. Depending on the panels selected, certified tests have confirmed a noise absorption capability of up to 22 dB at a reading of 500 Hertz. The dustproof performance is ensured by the combination of components and their design.

I Tom & Hilde-projektet i München använde Florian Krämer huvudsakligen det modulära ställningen RINGSCAFF som bärande konstruktion för SCAFFGUARD-skyddsväggarna. På grund av de lokala omständigheterna och kraven var dock tre olika designversioner nödvändiga. För designalternativ 1 byggde Krämer Gerüstbau tre sektioner vardera bestående av en 8 m hög sektion med ett ställningsdjup på 3 m och en längd på 35 m. Sektionerna monterades därefter i enlighet med SCAFFGUARD aluminiumskenor och delvis tryckta plastelement (i versionen ”klar”) infördes. Eftersom byggnadsställningssektionerna var fristående element planerade 8-personers ställningsteam runt Florian Krämer 80 ton ballast för varje. Det speciella kravet för dessa element var att de kanske måste flyttas med kran när byggnadsarbetet fortsatte.

Ett andra skyddsväggalternativ behövdes eftersom det inte fanns tillräckligt med utrymme tillgängligt runt byggplatsen för att bredda byggnadsställningen med standardkomponenter på grund av bredden på trottoaren och cykelvägen. Florian Krämer planerade tillsammans med ingenjörsföretaget Noack en 90 m lång ståltunnelkonstruktion så att förbipasserande på ett säkert sätt kunde förhandla fram området. Avståndets bredd och höjd är 2,00 m x 2,50 m. De enskilda stålkonstruktionselementen var förankrade i fundamentet plattstenar. Återigen användes RINGSCAFF-modulställningar som bärande struktur. Detta transporterades av stålkonstruktionen och bärkonstruktionen ovan fortsatte upp till en höjd av 8 m. För att möjliggöra kombinationen av modulärt byggnadsställning och stålkonstruktion applicerades 418 specialtillverkade HEB-balkar.


The third alternative structure extended over a length of 70 m and a height of 4 m and was once again based on the combination out of HEB girders and modular scaffolding. To enable this, steel uprights out of HEB girders were attached to the foundations and then connected by means of standard scaffolding components. The required stability of the structure was ensured by HEB girders.

Florian Krämer: “Our company is oriented to finding and handling special solutions. These are assignments that always excite and inspire us. But it is the requirements of our customers that determine our approach. We shall also live up to this claim in the future.” Moreover, Krämer Gerüstbau ensures planners maximum safety and quality and has even made quite a name for itself for innovative solutions, not least of all on account of the current Tom & Hilde project. In the next two years the modern SCAFFGUARD protective wall will be a part of the urban landscape of downtown Munich. Afterwards, Munich will have become a little more modern and attractive.



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