Mobile scaffolds

The mobile alternative: versatile and flexible usage – both indoors and outdoors

Not everyone immediately thinks of mobile scaffolds when looking for a solution to get up high. However, a RUX-MOBILO is often more efficient than a large scaffolding solution. And when we say that as experts for large scaffolding, you might well believe it.

  • Few basic elements, can mostly be used for all RUX-MOBILO models – a really modular system!
  • Light and easy-to-handle individual component parts for user-friendly and ergonomic assembly
  • Mainly plug connections for efficiency in terms of speed during assembly – tool-free!
  • Well-considered components – optimised for efficient transport and space-saving storage
  • Every scaffold type corresponds to the relevant national and European requirements


Slim mobile scaffold, variable height, full flexibility


Double surface area, variable height, full efficiency