Cool look, optimal protection

Instead of working with pre-manufactured, rigid special parts that always need to be kept in stock in the matching scaffold bay lengths, Scaffguard gets by with just a few, light and easy-to-handle standard components which can simply be adapted to satisfy diverse requirements.

Panel size

2.10 x 0.98 m (plastic, colourless or opal/white) / 2.00 x 0.98 m (wooden panel)

Connecting elements

Couplers for tubes ø 48.3 mm or wedge head couplers for RINGSCAFF modular scaffolding

Horizontal rails

Aluminium profile, standard length 6 m

Vertical rails

Plastic H-profile and corner profiles, length 0.90 m

  • Few parts
  • Simple to adapt
  • Flexible building site protection and noise-reduction
  • Unauthorised access to the building site becomes far more difficult (this minimises the liability risk of the building contractor)
  • Rail coupler as system-free and RINGSCAFF version

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